Jeff Koons, Baroque Egg with Bow January 31 2014

Earlier this month we attended Art Basel Miami Beach (ABMB) -- the 12-year-old little sister to the namesake Swiss fair. About 258 galleries from 31 countries are invited to the Miami Beach Convention Center, transforming South Beach’s strip of art deco hotels into an international hub of artists, dealers, collectors and curators who competed for paintings and party invites with equal fervor. We all had an amazing time and came home with a few treasures of our own.

This Jeff Koons, Baroque Egg with Bow was our most exciting piece. The picture below honestly doesn’t even do it justice. The giagantic easter egg measures six m2, weighs two thousand kilos. Koons made ten eggs in a period of fourteen years. Each egg represents more than a year’s work by several experts. Rumors suggest that Koons almost bankrupted himself with the production of his eggs. Each work is executed to perfection, down to the very last detail. The coating of the eggs has been applied layer by layer by hand, in order to achieve as glossy an effect as possible. This technique is derived from the automotive industry.


Jeff Koons, Baroque Egg with Bow (Turquoise/Magenta) High-chromium stainless steel with transparent color coating 83 ½ x 77 ½ x 60 in. 212.1 x 196.9 x 152.4 cm.Executed in 1994 – 2006, this is one of versions each uniquely colored.

Alexandra Von Furstenberg January 02 2014

In 2007, Alexandra von Furstenberg launched her innovative and successful furniture and accessories company, AVF. For the few of you who don't know, Ms. Von Furstenberg is one of the Miller sisters and was formerly Diane Von Furstenberg's daughter-in-law.

Alexandra worked for Diane Von Furstenberg as Creative Director, and then Director of Image, for 10 years. She worked to revitalize their overall brand before leaving the company to focus exclusively on home design. 

Her love of acrylic, plexiglass, lucite in fluorescent and neon colors, takes a brilliant idea, like Philippe Starck’s Ghost Chair, 10 steps further into an intrepid design abyss.

We love these fearless acrylic neon designs by Alexandra Von Furstenberg, all of which can add a pop of color to a room. 

It's clear: the acrylic furniture trend is not just a phase, it's here to stay.

Ginger Jars January 02 2014

Kirsten: "Ginger jars have become a trademark of ours. Our mother always used ginger jars to decorate when we were little, and we've loved them ever since. We're always looking out for them—at little markets in Paris, auctions, you name it. We use them as statement pieces almost anywhere."

Kelli: "Ginger jars will really look great no matter how you choose to use them. They can have their own top, or you can fill them with seasonal blossoms. You can group a bunch of them on a sideboard in the dining room, or you can put one by itself on a console in the entryway. Either way, they'll add an elegant, finished feel to a room."



Gift Guide December 18 2013

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